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Lift Row Eat Grow is a remote training and nutrition platform aimed at those that:


This covers all things strength, fitness or conditioning related, from Olympic lifting through to assault bike training and mobility drills. This is delivered either via a number of different training templates or bespoke programme design. 


If you are looking to:



Then LIFT is the place to start!


This covers all things indoor rowing related and is more much specific to improving performance in competitive indoor rowing or those looking to get better on the erg for functional fitness.


Each can be used as a standalone program or combined with current rowing programmes



Bespoke Strength and Rowing programme design available for those looking for more tailored programming following an needs assessment and personalised training prescription


ROW will take your erg performance to the next level


This covers all things nutrition related, whether the goal is body composition or performance specific


This consists of bespoke coaching following on from a consultation; with ‘EAT’ it’s about coaching people through the process rather than simply providing a generic meal plan.


If you’re looking for:





Then “EAT” will support, guide and coach you in ways to maximize your nutrition and tailor it to your needs and training


This is simply the act of helping other people to develop the skills and mindset required to change behaviours, work today’s specific goals or become a better person in general


There is a element of “GROW” in everything offered, but if your looking for:





Then GROW will help you develop to meet the demands of any situation.