I was fortunate to come across Paul when he joined Espirt indoor rowing team. From the outset I was aware Paul had a great deal of knowledge as well as being an accomplished athlete. I messaged Paul with a query ref my nutrition. From this point forward Paul has been nothing but supportive and guiding. In nutrition training and general well being. Nothing is too much trouble . Paul is always positive upbeat and encouraging . I met Paul at an event we both attended and he is equally as genuine in person.

As a coach mentor or friend you will not meet anyone dedicated and passionate.


Al Nisbet

International Kettlebell Athlete & Erg Athlete

Paul has helped me immensely with my indoor rowing training in 2017.  I was training hard for the British Indoor Rowing Championships and was anxious about my weight as I have to be at a certain figure for racing in the lightweight category.  Paul really helped with finding the correct macros for my food plan and also certain supplements (informed sport) that helped towards my performance and recovery this allowed me to be able to train harder towards the races.  It also was one of the factors that helped me win 2 golds in the masters ladies LWT 40-49 age category 2k and 500m for the second consecutive year!

Paul listens to you and is always on hand to give you guidance and advice, he is so generous in sharing his knowledge in all things nutritional.  Thanks Paul I couldn’t have done what I did at the Championships without your input!


Sarah Gibbs

Multiply World and British Indoor Rowing Record Holder, Double British Champion

I’ve known Paul for about a year now, and I have benefited from gaining a huge amount of information from him during that time. 

Paul’s approach to sharing knowledge is great, he uses various different methods (videos, written posts and info-graphics) and finds a way of making topics easy to understand. He has an expansive background in nutrition and fitness, along with lots of hands on experience of working with people with different levels of knowledge and abilities, and backs this up with up to date studies and references so I wholeheartedly trust any advice or information that he shares.


I’ve been fortunate to benefit from the Lift-Row-Eat-Grow coaching group for the last few months, and just recently have made use of the App. Both are great if you want to improve your nutrition/fitness, and/or learn to fuel yourself better as an athlete. Just recently I completed a challenge to row every day in January, covering over 500k and burning over 26,000 calories, and during the month Paul went out of his way to give me (free) advice on fuelling the challenge – advice which helped me stay strong and injury free throughout.


Paul has just recently started programming the training for Team ESPRIT indoor rowing team, so I’m really looking forward to making further progress under his watchful eye. 



2nd Place – RowSeries II (Nov 17)

2nd Place – JustRow 2018 (Apr 18)

2nd Place – Row Series III (Jul 18)

1st Place – Female Open 3 & 10 mins, Mixed Open 3 & 10 mins @ Wingman (Oct 18)

1st Place – Row Series IV (Nov 18)

1st Place – 30-39 HWT 2K Welsh Indoor Champs (Nov 18)

1st Place – 30-39 HWT 500m Welsh Indoor Champs (Nov 18)




I became aware of Paul through the facebook indoor rowing club – ESPRIT two years ago. Since then, Paul has coached and advised me on numerous subjects from Nutrition including, but not limited to, Carbohydrate Periodisation, through to programming endurance rows and training programmes.



Two things stand out about Paul above any other coach I have worked with:
1. His knowledge around the subject is exceptionally deep and he walks the walk, not just talks the talk
2. His support and passion for his athletes is remarkable; you can tell that he takes your performance improvement personally, this is way beyond just a job for him.
Rowing an ocean (3,000) miles solo is not for the fainthearted, and I feel myself extremely fortunate to have had the support, knowledge and backing of Paul throughout my training. I have always felt that Paul has got my back. Thanks Paul.
Marcus Beale
Endurance Athlete and Winner of Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge 2019 – Solo Category
I first came across Paul from his input and programming with the ESPRIT Indoor Rowing team. Ive found him to be extremely knowledgeable across a broad range of subjects from erg strength and conditioning, nutrition to overall health and recovery.
I started on his individual programming a couple of months ago and thanks to Paul Ive managed to keep on top of training during this COVID-19 social distancing period. Hes listened, adapted my programming and Im fully confident that when we come out the other side I will be in a strong place to start hitting some new PBs and achieving my fitness goals.
Carole Jaszewski, Fire Fighter & Functional Fitness