An Erg athlete combines all forms of training with the intension of improving performance on the indoor rower, Ski Erg or Assault Bike, or use these machines to complement strength or functional fitness work

This is complete standalone strength and Conditioning programme aimed to provide complete and balanced fitness for those that specifically use rowing / ski erg / erg bike or assault bikes in their programming, whether as a competitive athletes or for general fitness

5 sessions per week

Each session will include a warm up / movement prep / strength exercise / power exercise / accessory movements / core stability and mobility and a conditioning piece on a erg

For the conditioning pieces: There will be 4 options to choose from based on the which machine you want to use: The time duration and intended training stimulus will be the same regardless of which erg you use (Row / Ski / Assault bike / Combo session) 

You could use the same machine every session or you could mix and match: It’s completely up to you


Access to the Lift-Row-Eat-Grow Private facebook coaching group for day to day content, video posts and live talks

Access to a barbell / squat rack & Bench/ dumbbells and kettlebell / resistance band / pull up bar / Rowing machine / ski erg / Assault Bike

You will have the option of receiving the week’s session every Sunday for the following week or receiving them each morning: Which ever helps to arrange them best for your schedule.

All sessions have explanations and video demos or each exercise, sets, reps and pacing suggestions 

This is an ongoing training programme that will have cycles that will have a slight shift in focus, but the core structure will remain the same 

Suggested prerequisites

Experience with barbell movements such as squats, deadlifts, push press, bench press, dumbbell & Kettlebell movements, power cleans  or high pulls

This is the compete programme designed for the Erg Athlete by a Erg Athlete