LREG Elite


A Complete coaching package of tailored exercise and nutrition coaching, bespoke to your needs and aligned together to ensure both nutrition and training are supporting each other to lead to the quickest and most efficient results possible: Perfect for

  • Body Transformation
  • Performance Training & Nutrition

This takes into account everything from your goals, current food intake and choices, available time and equipment to prep, needs and requirements of the sport, current fitness, available time and equipment, needs and requirements of the sport or activity you compete in

The app has a food tracker build so your coach can see any foods that you track or training that you log via the app

Bespoke training program design

Bespoke lifestyle advice (sleep, recovery, stress management, habit formation)

Weekly Check ins with your coach

Contact directly with your coach via instant message as and when required

The use of 40 Colour-Fit meal cards, so you know what and when to eat

Bespoke nutrition targets based on training volume, intensity, goals and lifestyle

As this is bespoke to your needs the programming is based on what you have access to.

This is assessed via a questionnaire and needs analysis filled out as part of the sign up with the information provided then being used to design your bespoke training programme, this is then progressed weekly based on your feedback and requirements

Following on from a needs analysis questionnaire, a bespoke training programme is designed and delivered directly to your phone or tablet via the ‘LIFT-ROW-EAT-GROW’ app. This allows 

• The sessions to delivered based on when you want to receive them (daily / weekly)

• Video demos of each exercise

• A platform for you to record how you performed, track weights, times and comments  

• For feedback on the your sessions and how to progress them

• Nutrition targets, advice, coaching, support, Colour Fit recipe cards used by professional athletes  and supplement protocols  

Billed: £120 per month for 3 Months:

£360 Total

Less than the cost of 1 in person PT session a week