This is complete standalone strength and Conditioning program aimed to provide complete and balanced fitness for those that enjoy using rowing / ski erg / erg bike or assault bikes in their programming, whether as a competitive athletes or for general fitness

5 sessions per week

Full warm ups for all sessions

3 strength sessions: Aimed to improve strength, power and body composition with each strength sessions featuring a Mixed Mode Erg session (ie combining row / bike / ski with body weight or resistance exercises

2 structured Erg sessions with full pace guides, targets and progressions

LREG Review : A weekly newsletter providing the ‘whys’ behind the design, reviewing books, podcasts from that week and ongoing athlete education regarding health, fitness and nutrition


Access to a

  • Barbell / squat rack
  • Bench/ dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Resistance bands / pull up bar
  • 1 of the following ergs Rowing machine / ski  or Bike erg / Assault Bike …. the more the merrier

You will receive the full up comings week programming each Sunday via your profile on the LREG app in the form of a PDF

The programming follows a 8 week cycle with each cycle having a more specific focus

For example

8 weeks of squat  progressions while still working on other areas of strength and conditioning

You can join as cycle as any time and jump straight into that weeks sessions


The Erg Athlete Sample provides a insight into the reasoning behind the program design and how the programing progresses over the course of a cycle

£20 per month : On going subscription : Cancel any time

Get started here 

You can join at anytime 

Cycle 1 start date

14 / 9 / 2020