Elite Performance and Nutrition coaching for the everyday athlete

Bespoke nutrition and fitness coaching



I set up Lift-Row-Eat–Grow for one simple reason: I love everything about training, exercise, nutrition and performance enhancement and want to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with other people to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

I love hearing when people set new personal bests, wear the clothes they want with new a found confidence or can simply manage food related situations with a more mindful approach.

I want to help people become better than they were yesterday, while knowing their not as good as their going to be tomorrow


Lift-Row-Eat-Grow is a remote coaching platform, offering a wide range of products from training programmes to bespoke training and nutrition coaching. The Programmes can be used either as a standalone training plan or supplement additional training that an individual may already be doing. There is a strong focus on improving performance in indoor rowers, but Lift-Row-Eat-Grow isnt exclusive to these athletes, its suitable for anyone that wants to get fitter, faster, stronger and eat better.  


All programmes and coaching sessions are delivered to your smart phone or tablet via the Lift-Row-Eat-Grow app or your account and have a full description of the intension of the session, why things have been programmed, the exercises with demo videos and coaching points. You will receive notifications when new sessions are available and will be able to track your progress as you complete the session.

For those following bespoke programme design and nutrition coaching this is also where you will receive your direct contact with the coach to help guide you through the process from start to finish.

You will also have access to a closed facebook group for weekly content, videos and facebook live webinars